“I was the first one here tonight. When I walked in, the manager told me she specifically asked to work tonight because Citizen Dan is playing. Went downstairs to the stage. Another manager came up to me and enthusiastically told me we are close to selling out and they really like our band playing here. Glad the owner is a Dan freak, otherwise this cover band wouldn’t stand a chance. Well, we showed him, and we are back here quite often. I step back from this and sincerely feel that it is an incredible honor and privilege to play with great talent to lots of people that dig us. I am not worthy. On second thought, I’ve been playing these sewer pipes since the 4th grade. As tears well up in my eyes I think, maybe I am. Thanks to my fellow musicians and all the people that come see us. I am truly honored. Come on down, still tickets left. I look forward to seeing you, and playing some incredible music.”