I started playing saxophone in the 4th grade…

Here’s some info about me. How I started, my involvement in music over the years and why I’m still a musician. >>>More


It is truly an honor and privilege to ply one’s craft so others can experience it.  Playing music with other incredibly talented people is a thrill.  There is nothing better than playing music for others.  I’m currently in 4 groups (come see us play!) and do a lot of subbing.  If you need a saxophonist, please contact me. >>>More


Am I the greatest saxophonist playing today? Alas, no.  What I am is a working saxophonist with years of experience playing.  I’m not really a teacher.  I’m more of a coach, and I really enjoy sharing what I know with others in a fun, yet productive way. >>>More

Listen & Watch

Here’s some examples of my efforts.  Citizen Dan, Mass Hipsteria, Flatirons Jazz, Colorado Jazz Workshop, BluezHouse, Kutandara and more. >>>More


I play a couple times a month.  I hope you come out and experience what my fellow musicians and me cobble together. >>>More


Hints, articles, play lists… >>>More